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Overnight Bags & Driving Loafers

This is a perfect combination, a bag with your favorite casual clothes and a pair of well crafted driving loafers.

(Source: desmondselder.com)

Linen Scarves

Scarves are the new accessory for the hip guy, but now more classic designers are creating them for their collections.

(Source: desmondselder.com)

Great look for the office:

Great look for the office: 

This is an excellent silk/wool jacket for the conservative stylish guy. It will add quite a bit of versatility to most wardrobes.

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The Requisite Garment:

What do you wear this summer for every occasion? The grey suit, it’s timeless.

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Stylish Sandals


Sandals are so cool, a perfect option for shorts, beachwear and line trousers. Make sure you have a great manicurist and show off those legs.


Scarves have been a part of mens’ attire during fall/winter, but recently it has become stylish to wear one year round.  Now a guy can enhance his look by adding a scarf.  Various textures and patterns will allow for creativity and uniqueness. 

Poolside Chic

Summer is here and the perennial seersucker sports coat has a slight twist.  This season the light weight jacket is multi-colored.  What was traditional worn with matching trousers only, can now be accessorized with jeans, cotton and linen trousers.  A must have the guy on the go.

Tailored construction

The time ultimately comes when every professional will become the boss  and appearance plays a major role in how leaders are perceived by those in their organization. Aesthetics are a key component to effective leadership.  Attention to detail is an essential part of running and maintaining a business and manufacturing goods for daily living. 

Luxury tailored clothing can be described in the say way.  Leaders around the world are cognizant of their imagine.  They intuitively know their industry is judged soley by the quality of its product.  Whether it’s tangible or intangible services and goods must be reliable, efficient and have an added value for the consumer. 

The construction of a luxury garment is always in direct correlation to the clientele it target.  Details are what make a garment unique and fabrication is what makes it irresistable.   Consumers deal with price once, but quality is an issue for the life of the garment.